Joe Manganiello doesn’t mind stripping for the camera!


Joe Manganiello shirtless true bloodIt was only the other week that it was announced True Blood star Joe Manganiello had been cast in upcoming male stripper film Magic Mike and today we’re hearing his thoughts on the requirements to strip down on camera for the film. Anyone that watches True Blood is more then aware he’s pretty much stripping down naked most weeks on the show, so the thought of baring his bits isn’t too foreign a notion for him. Oh and I must say, that is one thing I’m glad to hear!


LA Times reports: Joe Manganiello doesn’t want to hear any bellyaching from his “Magic Mike” costars about baring their bodies. After all, the actor says, nudity is a part of his day job. “It’s not that different from what I do on set on ‘True Blood,’” Manganiello told the Huffington Post. “I wonder if some of the other guys have done it before — taken their clothes off on camera. “For me, it’s just a typical day at the office,” he said. Manganiello will star in Steven Soderbergh’s “Magic Mike” — alongside longtime pal Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum, whose experiences as a young exotic dancer served as inspiration for the flick. Having taken it off since the beginning of his career, Manganiello isn’t intimidated by playing a sizable character. “When I was in college, I did an off-Broadway show where I was full-frontal on stage, so I guess all of these crazy parts have been coming my way for a long time,” he said. “Magic Mike” begins shooting in mid-September, but expect more Manganiello as the fourth season of “True Blood” winds up and Emmy Awards festivities unfurl.

I’ll be honest Magic Mike is definitely one movie I wish they’d hurry up and make! Pretty please with sugar on top, I beg the powers that be, let the guy strip it all off for Magic Mike!

Would you be keen to see Joe in all his glory?

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6 Responses to Joe Manganiello doesn’t mind stripping for the camera!

  1. Lisa says:

    Joe Manganiello is devine!!!

  2. Ivan Tam says:

    OMG OMG OMG I Can’t Wait for the movie..

  3. Oh Ivan the things we could do with this guy lol

  4. Rick says:

    He is soooo delicious! So hot and sexy in True Blood 4! Can’t get enough of him. They should give him leading role in True Blood. HOT HOT HOT!

  5. Kev Ellis says:

    Man, WOOOWOO Joe Manganiello is one
    Beautiful Sexy as hell Man!!!

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