Colton Haynes promises "less clothing" on Teen Wolf, now if only we could get him kissing boys again!


Colton Haynes shirtlessWell if you’re like me and love a good perve, then you would have most likely tuned into MTV’s season one of Teen Wolf. Straight up, I have to say it was pretty darn good, especially when nearly every episode you at least got a glimpse of Tyler Posey shirtless, not to mention his other delicious co-stars. Now as some of you might be aware, a little while back I was getting cease and desist letters from some big shot lawyer for posting photos from an editorial that one of the show’s stars, Colton Haynes modelled for in the now defunct gay XY magazine. Turns out some big Hollywood hotshot thought photos of Colton Haynes kissing other boys might ruin his “straight” reputation since he’s playing a big tough jock on Teen Wolf. Check out the photo below to know what I’m talking about.


Anyways there’s a lot I could go on and say about this, but you can read all my thoughts on the matter right here! I actually like Colton Haynes, I think he’s a great actor and well he is just an extra bonus of eye candy on the show. Well anyways let us get back to the point of this post, Colton who plays Jackson Whittemore on the show, told Us Weekly that the Teen Wolf cast “is definitely going to push the limit” of sex appeal next season.

Well that shouldn’t be too hard considering the fact that the 23-year-old hottie is promising he’ll be wearing a lot “less clothing” in upcoming episodes.

“I’ve already seen [some] ideas of what’s going to happen, and my character in particular is going to have a lot of fun,”  Haynes said during Fashion’s Night Out at the Beverly Center in L.A.

If you ask me, the more we see of him the merrier. Now if only we can get him to kiss Tyler Posey onscreen ;)

Are you excited for season two of Teen Wolf?


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